Okay, Okay, I Give!!

Injuries SUCK!

Story of my life over the past couple of weeks

Okay, okay, I give!  Uncle already!!!  I have been nursing an ankle sprain and peroneal tendonitis for  2 weeks now and although it is much better, I still would be hard pressed to actually run on it.

So, I haven’t been!  I’ve been cycling on my indoor trainer (to limit the amount of torque on my ankle from clipping out at stop signs and such) and I’ve been weight lifting – that’s about it for exercise.

This morning Deb and I had a karate class and it was sparring and free grappling (ground fighting) day.

I’ll be honest with you – I HATE sparring!

I will never be good at it – it is 180 degrees out of phase with everything I have been taught about self-defense for the past 4 years.  It’s all about moving your feet (Deb and Mr. Petersen have been yelling at me about my inadvertent foot movement for the past year or more) and being off balance and hurling yourself across the room at your opponents.

I like the clean efficiency of Kempo – get in close and then control or destroy, whichever the situation calls for.

Anyhow, I digress…

At one point in our sparring match, I threw a flip kick to Deb’s rib guard and her block and my balance made for a jamming of my hurt foot.

Deb said I was the worst patient ever and that my stubbornness would be my undoing.  She said I needed to follow doctor’s orders and stay off the foot – use crutches.

Honestly, crutches never even occurred to me.  The doctor hadn’t mentioned them and when he said stay off the ankle, I thought he meant don’t run…

So I relented.  The triathlon is in 33 days – I don’t have time for this injury crap!

I am not worried about the 10K distance – I can do that, but I really, REALLY wanted to get my time under 50 minutes  (just under 8 minutes per mile) – and I’m beginning to doubt if I can do that this time around.

Even though I tweaked my foot, I did hold my own against Deb while sparring – a first, so I consider that a HUGE win!

AND, I actually beat her in a 3 round submission grappling “tournament,” tapping her out twice.  Now, I am not cocky enough to think I can do this with every black belt.  I know Deb as well as I know myself… we are in each others heads … and she has taught me all her tricks and I understand her grappling strategy.

What THRILLED me however, was that I was able to detect even slight hesitations or miscalculations on her part and turn them to my advantage.  THAT was a huge quantum leap for me and allayed my fears that my grappling skills are eroding.

I was also pleased with how much stronger I have become in the past several months.

Although I was dreading the class, it was actually a terrific confidence booster for me overall! 🙂

So, if you’re reading this, please send me positive energy to be a good patient and for my ankle to get over itself so we can go run again!  Thanks!

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