Step #4: Eat Enough Calories

starveStep #4 along your journey to improve the efficiency of your body’s nutritional absorption processes is to eat enough calories!

I know, you may be saying, “Angie, eating too few calories is NOT my issue.”

Believe me, I know – I thought the exact same thing, but hang with me for a second.

We already spent a fair amount of time on what happens as you age and you try to compensate for poor nutritional absorption by depressing your caloric intake.

I experienced this first hand not so long ago.

I was stuck on a weight and performance plateau.

I not only couldn’t release weight, I was actually gaining weight, even though I was only eating about 1400 calories per day and was burning 400-600 calories per day through exercise.

After consulting with my own wellness coach, she told me I needed to eat more calories.

I freaked out!  Eat more?  I’m already gaining weight!

But she asked me to trust her.

So I did.

I raised my daily caloric intake to ~2200 and kept exercising and made sure I was drinking enough water and bada-bing, I started releasing weight at about ½ lb per week AND my body fat percentage dropped from 24% to 20% in just over a month!

Your body KNOWS!!  If you are exercising like a fiend and you still can’t drop weight – just TRY upping your calories by 25% and see what happens!

I know it sounds completely backwards from everything conventional diet wisdom has  taught you, but insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

Maybe it’s time to try something a little out of the box.

Trust me!!!

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