Step #3: Stay Hydrated

waterStep #3 in your quest to turn your body into a lean, mean calorie burning machine is to stay hydrated!  DRINK WATER!!!

You’ve heard it time and time again – you need to drink 8 8-oz glasses of water.  But that’s not quite true.

I’m going to let you in on another secret here.

You know those nutrition labels that are on every food you buy?

The label tells you how many calories and grams of fat and what the serving size is and such, right?

Then it also tells you the % of the Recommended Daily Allowance for the macronutrients and the vitamins and minerals.

These figures are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet.  But do you know WHO these percentages are calculated for?

skinny-womanGet this…  The USRDA for nutrition was established back in 1941 and then revised through the 1950’s and are based on the nutritional requirements of a sedentary, 120 pound woman during post World War II food rationing – which means they are the absolute bare minimum.  And most of us are NOT 120 pound, sedentary women.  So ponder that for a moment…

Now back to water.

The rule for proper hydration is to take your current body weight and divide it by 2.  That is how many ounces of water you need to drink each day.  Then you need to adjust for climate – here in Florida where it is hot and humid, we need to drink another 20% and if you exercise regularly, you need to add yet another 20%.

So for myself – I weigh 150 pounds.  So 150/2 = 75 ounces per day.  But I live in Florida, so I add another 15 ounces to adjust for climate.  And I exercise every day, so I need to add another 15 ounces to compensate for exercise, meaning I need 105 ounces of water per day – that’s a little more than 13 8-oz glasses of water each day for me to stay properly hydrated – half again as much as common diet wisdom suggests!

In fact ~2/3 of people walk around in a chronic state of dehydration.  Being even 10% dehydrated can have a detrimental effect on your energy level, your metabolism, your weight loss efforts, your mental acuity and so much more!

So where did the diet gurus get 8 8-oz glasses as their guideline?  Well, it goes back to the USRDA – take little Miss 120lb, sedentary women – 120 lbs/2 = 60 ounces of water with no adjustment for climate or exercise.

Make sure you are drinking enough water!  It is critical to your success!


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